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Blog | Spring Heat and Air Conditioner Inspection

Welling Service your heat and air ally is here to ensure your Air Conditioning system is running to it's full potential. The extreme weather differences in Oklahoma can be very detrimental to your HVAC System.

Welling Service prides itself on making sure your system is up and running all year with no trouble. Spring is a perfect time to do a check up on your system so you're not caught in the summer heat with no AC. This check includes the following:

  1. Visual Inspection
    A complete visual inspection of your system is the first priority of any system check. To prevent potential failures, the signs of rust, corrosion, moisture stains, overheating, etc... must be addressed ASAP.
  2. Cooling Components
    The coil and drain line are the 2 main components of your Air conditioner that need to be cleaned and inspected. This will ensure long lasting functionality without the potential of system flooding.
  3. Electrical System & Components
    Thermostats are just the beginning of an electrical check. Our technicians will ensure that your switches, relays, circuit boards, wiring, etc... are in top notch condition.
  4. Overall Operation
    Overall Heat and Air Conditioning operation is essential to test during the check up process. From checking compressor functionality to coolant levels, we will ensure that your systems will be worry free for years to come.