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Lowering Air Conditiong Costs in 5 Steps

Oklahoma is notorious for it's very hot summers, is your air conditioner ready? Air conditioning systems are a must in Oklahoma but cooling your home has become more and more expensive. Those summer temperatures seems to get here sooner and last longer each year. This means consumer energy is at an all time high and newer regulations make producing power more costly. The end user, you, has to keep getting monthly bills that exceed the previous months. This is why it's crucial to have a heat and air system where your air conditioner runs at full efficiency.

5 steps to assist in lowering cooling bills

  1. Thermostats That Are Programmable. If you haven't already installed a programmable thermostat, we highly recommend doing this ASAP! Programmable thermostats allow you to set certain temperatures for times throughout each day. The air conditoner will work more when you are at home and less when you are away. Overtime, this will assist in reducing wear and tear on your unit which saves money on utilities and saves energy.
  2. Air Conditioning System Inspection & Service. Inefficient air conditioners will significantly increase energy use and monthly bills. Changing your air filters and cleaning the coils are good but may not be enough. There are literally hundreds of components in modern air conditioning systems so it's a good idea to regularly get your system checkd by a certified professional.
  3. Window Coverings. Heat conduction is often overlooked but is a great way to lower high energy consumption and costs. Choosing indoor coverings such as draperies, blinds and shades along with outdoor modifications such as functional shutters or awnings will not only compliment your decor; but it will also assist in lowering your energy costs.
  4. Home Energy Assessment. The attic in your home is one of the most overlooked items that can drastically increase energy savings. You or a professional should inspect and make sure you're using modern and proper materials as well as depth to meet today's guidelines. Inspection and cleaning of all vents and filters to ensure air flow is unrestricted. Replace all high heat and wattage incandescent bulbs with their LED counterparts.
  5. Purchase Fans For Every Room. Ceiling fans and/or floor fans in every room of your home will increase cool air circulation and in turn make your air conditioning system run less.